Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cardinals Team (#173)

Here is the 1967 Cardinals Team card, the only low-numbered card from this set that I didn't get in 1967. I bought this card (and almost all the high-numbered cards) in the 1980s.

It's also one of the 6 cards from 1966-69 where Topps didn't follow the team's color scheme.

As with all the team cards in those days, the back lists the team's statistical leaders, and all the pitchers with at least 1 decision. The "big guns" from 1966 (Bob Gibson, Orlando Cepeda, Lou Brock, Curt Flood) were also the main contributors in 1967, as the Cardinals went on to win the World Series. The 1967 pitching staff would be mostly the same as in 1966, except they shed veterans Curt Simmons, Art Mahaffey, Ray Sadecki, and Tracy Stallard.

Also check out the 1968 Cardinals Team card.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jim "Catfish" Hunter (#369)

Here is my first card for Jim “Catfish” Hunter. It’s a nice spring training shot, much better than the rather plain photo from 1966, or the ridiculous capless head shots in the ’68 and ’69 sets.

Catfish was signed by the Kansas City Athletics in 1964, and became the last "bonus baby".  (The bonus baby rule became moot with the advent of the amateur draft.) They immediately sent him to the Mayo Clinic to correct a foot injury due to a hunting accident a year earlier.

Hunter never played in the minor leagues, and made his major-league debut at age 19 in early May 1965. Catfish joined the starting rotation permanently 2 months later, and finished his rookie season with a record of 8-8.

In 1966 the Athletics’ starting rotation was rebuilt, with Hunter now joined by Lew Krausse, Blue Moon Odom, Jim Nash, and Chuck Dobson, all in their early 20s. Hunter made more starts (25) than any other A’s pitcher.

The rotation stayed the same in 1967, although Odom and Krausse both alternated between the rotation and the bullpen. Hunter became the team’s ace, leading the staff in wins (13), starts (35), innings (259), and strikeouts (196).

1968 was the Athletics’ first season in Oakland, and Hunter marked the occasion by twirling a perfect game on May 8th against the Minnesota Twins. [Earlier this year, my daughter got me this book about the 20 perfect games pitched in MLB history. So far, I have read the chapters on Jim Bunning and Jim Hunter. I learned from the book that A’s outfielder Joe Rudi (who had played 19 games in 1967) was just recalled from the minors, and was playing his first game of the 1968 season that day. He made a critical defensive play to preserve Hunter’s perfecto.]

Hunter and his rotation mates chugged along for the next few seasons, although Nash and Krausse were traded away after the 1969 season.

In 1971, Catfish was eclipsed by rookie Vida Blue, who won 24 games while striking out 301, on his way to winning both the Cy Young and MVP awards. Hunter did his part, winning 21 games (a feat he would repeat in ’72 and ’73), as the A’s made it to the ALCS, only to be swept by the Orioles.

Hunter continued pitching for the A’s through the 1974 season. The team won the World Series for 3 consecutive seasons (1972-74), and Catfish led the AL in wins (25) and ERA (2.49) in 1974, and won the Cy Young award.

Catfish was granted free agency after the 1974 season, due to owner Charlie Finley botching a provision in Hunter’s contract. He was approached by all the other teams (except the Giants), and signed a 5-year contract with the Yankees for over 3 million dollars – the largest contract at the time.

In his first season with New York, he again led the AL in wins (23), and also in complete games (30), while finishing 2nd in the Cy Young voting to Jim Palmer. After going 17-15 in 1976, Hunter’s workload and performance dropped off over the next 3 seasons due to arm injuries. He was also diagnosed with diabetes early in 1978.

He retired after the 1979 season, at age 33. After his playing career, he returned to his farm in North Carolina, hunting and raising various crops. He was also a spokesman for diabetes awareness.

In early 1998, he was diagnosed with ALS, and died at age 53 on September 9, 1999, a month after falling at home and hitting his head on concrete steps.


My brother (who I’ve referred to several times on this blog) was diagnosed with ALS early in 2012. He continues to battle this disease, and his mobility and speech have been severely impaired. I will be visiting him tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jay Johnstone (#213)

Jay Johnstone will be appearing on my 1970 blog soon, as part of the “Bat Rack” series, so I’ll focus on his entire career in that post. I wanted to show his 1967 card also, specifically because of the uniform he is wearing.

Here it is 2 years after the Angels moved from Los Angeles to Anaheim, and Jay is shown in his “Los Angeles” uniform. (Maybe the Topps' expert misread this as "Angels", and let it go.) This was brought to my attention about a year ago by fellow blogger Eric C. Loy, as we were discussing Topps’ inability to photograph Angels’ players in a timely fashion. This must have been a spring training photo from 1965, because Johnstone didn’t begin playing for the Angels until 1966, when they were in Anaheim.

This is also Johnstone’s rookie card. He was one of 6 rookies with significant playing time in 1966 that didn’t appear in the 1966 Topps set, even on a Rookie Stars card. I previously posted this list on my 1966 blog in April 2010:

I began paying attention to Jay in the mid-1970s when he was with the Phillies. Johnstone was one of 2 players (along with Bill Robinson) that the Phillies rescued from the minor-league scrap heap during that time, who went on to revive their careers the second time around. Jay was the Phillies’ regular right fielder from late 1974 to mid-1977, when the Phillies acquired Bake McBride from the Cardinals.

Johnstone was known as a character (a “flake” in 1970s’ parlance), and was dubbed “The Jay of Johnstone” by Phillies’ broadcaster Harry Kalas. I remember him specifically for a great defensive play he made against the Pirates during a game in 1975. Playing right field, he ran in and took a snap throw from catcher Johnny Oates, picking runner Frank Taveras off of first base. (I discovered today that this event is mentioned by the sponsor of Johnstone’s page.)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hank Aaron (#250)

Most know that Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's career home run record.  Many know he also played in the Negro Leagues, but lesser known is that he was offered a contract by the Boston Braves and the New York Giants, but chose the Braves (because they offered him $50 per month more than the Giants), thus missing out on playing in the same outfield as Willie Mays.

While still in high school, Aaron had a tryout with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and played in the Negro Leagues with the Mobile Black Bears. In 1952 he played in the Negro League World Series with the Indianapolis Clowns. That same year, he was signed by the Boston Braves.

He was a 2nd baseman in the minors, playing in class C (1952) and class A (1953) before making his major-league debut in April 1954 at age 20. Aaron started 11 of the first 14 games in right field, then moved to left field, where he started 102 games. After August 25th, he only made 1 start, and was primarily used as a pinch-hitter.

Hank finished 4th in the 1954 Rookie of the Year voting (to Cardinals’ outfielder Wally Moon, Cubs shortstop Ernie Banks, and Braves’ pitcher Gene Conley).

“Hammerin’ Hank” only hit 13 homers as a rookie, but his power kicked in beginning in 1955. He hit 20 or more homers in each of the next 20 seasons, while making the all-star team each season, and leading the league in homers 4 times (3 times with 44) and in RBI 4 times (at least 126 RBI each time). He also led the NL in batting twice (once with a .355 average), and was the NL MVP winner in 1957.

Hank hit .393 and .333 in the ’57 and ’58 World Series, and hit .357 in the 1969 NLCS against the Miracle Mets.

Usually the Braves’ right fielder, he played center field for half of the ’57, ’61, and ’62 seasons. Hank was also the Braves’ regular 1st baseman for the 2nd half of 1971 and all of 1972, before returning to the outfield in 1973.

Aaron finished the 1973 season one home run short of tying Babe Ruth’s record of 714 career homers. He tied the record on opening day 1974 in Cincinnati, and broke the record during the Braves’ first home game.

After 21 seasons with the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves, Aaron was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers in November 1974 for outfielder Dave May. Hank played his final 2 seasons as the Brewers’ DH (full-time in ‘75, and part-time in ’76). He finished with 755 career home runs.

After his playing career, Aaron became a front-office executive with the Braves.

Hank's younger brother Tommie was his teammate from 1962 to 1971.

Friday, October 25, 2013

1963, 1965-1970 Post Index

(FINAL UPDATE: 18-Jun-2022)

Here's a list of all 887 players and 49 managers having baseball cards (not including Rookie Stars cards) between 1966 and 1970. Those with links are the cards that I've already posted to my blogs. (A few players have more than one card posted.)

Following the main player list and manager list are some players from the 1963 and 1965 sets.
At the bottom are team lists for multi-player cards, team cards, my 1967 team reviews, and rookie stars cards. Following that are links to League Leaders, All-Star cards, World Series cards, and various other miscellaneous posts.

(This doesn't include posts on my 1960s Baseball blog.)

11/24/13 EDIT: Click here to see the index for my football card blogs.

Hank Aaron 1967  1969
Tommie Aaron 1963  1968
Ted Abernathy 1967  1968
Jerry Adair
Dave Adlesh
Tommie Agee
Hank Aguirre 
Jack Aker
Luis Alcaraz
Bernie Allen
Bob Allen
Hank Allen 
Dick Allen
* Gene Alley
Bob Allison
Sandy Alomar
Felipe Alou
Jesus Alou
Matty Alou
George Altman
Max Alvis
Brant Alyea
Ruben Amaro
Mike Andrews
Luis Aparicio
Jose Arcia 
Gerry Arrigo
Bob Aspromonte
Joe Azcue

Stan Bahnsen
Bob Bailey
Ed Bailey
Frank Baker 
Jack Baldschun
Dave Baldwin 
Sal Bando
Ernie Banks
George Banks
Steve Barber 
Jim Barbieri
Ray Barker 
Bob Barton
John Bateman 
Earl Battey
Larry Bearnarth
Jim Beauchamp
Glenn Beckert
Mark Belanger
Bo Belinsky
Gary Bell
Johnny Bench
Dennis Bennett
Ken Berry
Frank Bertaina
Dick Bertell
Jack Billingham
Paul Blair
John Blanchard
Gil Blanco
Wade Blasingame
Steve Blass
Curt Blefary
John Boccabella
Bob Bolin
Greg Bollo
Walt Bond 1965  1967 
Bobby Bonds
John Boozer
Pedro Borbon
Don Bosch
Dick Bosman
Dave Boswell 
Ken Boswell
Jim Bouton
Sam Bowens
Ernie Bowman
Clete Boyer
Ken Boyer
Gene Brabender
Buddy Bradford 
Ron Brand 1968  1969
Darrell Brandon
Jackie Brandt
Angel Bravo
Ed Bressoud
Jim Brewer
John Briggs
Nelson Briles 
Ed Brinkman
Jim Britton 
Lou Brock
Ernie Broglio
Gates Brown
Ike Brown
Larry Brown
Ollie Brown
Byron Browne 
Bruce Brubaker
Bob Bruce 1963  1967
Mike Brumley
George Brunet 
Bill Bryan
Don Bryant 
Ron Bryant 
Jerry Buchek
Don Buford
Bob Buhl 1963  1967
Wally Bunker
Jim Bunning
Bill Burbach 
Larry Burchart 
* Bob Burda
Lou Burdette
Smoky Burgess
Tom Burgmeier
Bill Butler 
John Buzhardt 1966  1968

Johnny Callison 1967  1969
Dick Calmus
Doug Camilli
Bert Campaneris
Jim Campanis 
Dave Campbell 
Ron Campbell
Chris Cannizzaro
Jose Cardenal
Chico Cardenas
Don Cardwell
Rod Carew
Cisco Carlos
Steve Carlton
Frank Carpin
Camilo Carreon
Clay Carroll
Rico Carty
Paul Casanova
Norm Cash
Danny Cater 
Wayne Causey
Orlando Cepeda
Billy Champion
Bob Chance
Dean Chance
Darrel Chaney 
Ed Charles
Pete Charton
Ossie Chavarria
Bob Christian
Joe Christopher
Pete Cimino
Galen Cisco
Rickey Clark
Ron Clark 
Horace Clarke
Doug Clemens
Roberto Clemente 1967  1970 
Donn Clendenon
Ty Cline
Lou Clinton
Tony Cloninger 1966  1967
Jim Coates
Jimmy Coker
Rocky Colavito
Nate Colbert
Choo Choo Coleman 
Gordy Coleman
Joe Coleman 
Kevin Collins 
Wayne Comer
Tony Conigliaro
* Dan Coombs
Pat Corrales
Chuck Cottier
Wes Covington
Billy Cowan
Bobby Cox
Casey Cox 
Roger Craig
Del Crandall
Willie Crawford
Mike Cuellar
Jack Cullen
Tim Cullen
Ray Culp
George Culver
Joe Cunningham

Bruce Dal Canton 
Clay Dalrymple
Vic Davalillo
Jim Davenport
Ted Davidson
Ron Davis
Tommy Davis
Willie Davis
Mike De La Hoz
Tommy Dean 
Don Demeter
Bill Denehy
Don Dennis
Jim Dickson
Bob Didier 
Larry Dierker 
Dick Dietz
Jack DiLauro 
Bill Dillman
Chuck Dobson 
Pat Dobson
John Donaldson
Al Downing
Paul Doyle
Moe Drabowsky
Dick Drago 
Don Drysdale
Tom Dukes
Bob Duliba
Dave Duncan
Duffy Dyer 

Arnold Earley
Paul Edmondson
Johnny Edwards
Dick Egan
Tom Egan
Lee Elia
Larry Elliot
Dock Ellis
Sammy Ellis
Dick Ellsworth
Mike Epstein
Chuck Estrada
Andy Etchebarren
Bobby Etheridge

Elroy Face
Jim Fairey 
Ron Fairly
Turk Farrell 1967  1968
Bill Faul
Frank Fernandez 
Al Ferrara 1966  1967
Mike Ferraro 
Rollie Fingers
Mike Fiore 
Hank Fischer
Eddie Fisher
Jack Fisher 1968  1970
Curt Flood 1969  1970
Bobby Floyd 
Whitey Ford
Ray Fosse
Alan Foster 
Terry Fox
Joe Foy
Tito Francona
Bill Freehan
Gene Freese
Jim Fregosi 1966  1967  1968
Jim French
Bob Friend
Dan Frisella
Woody Fryman 1967  1968 
Tito Fuentes 
Vern Fuller

Len Gabrielson
Phil Gagliano
Joe Gaines
Rob Gardner
Bob Garibaldi
Wayne Garrett 
Gil Garrido
Rod Gaspar 
Clarence "Cito" Gaston
Aubrey Gatewood
Gary Geiger
John Gelnar 
Jim Gentile
Gary Gentry 
Joe Gibbon 
Jake Gibbs
Bob Gibson
Russ Gibson
Gus Gil
Dave Giusti 
Fred Gladding
Ruben Gomez
Jesse Gonder
Pedro Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez
Greg Goossen 
Jim Gosger
Julio Gotay
Billy Grabarkewitz 
Wayne Granger 
Jim Grant
Dick Green
Lenny Green
Tom Griffin 
Derrell Griffith
Dick Groat
Jerry Grote
Joe Grzenda
Skip Guinn 
Cesar Gutierrez 

Joe Hague 
Dick Hall
Jimmie Hall
Tom Hall 
Tom Haller
Jack Hamilton
Steve Hamilton
Ken Hamlin
Bill Hands
Larry Haney 
Jim Hannan
Ron Hansen
Jim Hardin 
Steve Hargan
Terry Harmon
Tommy Harper 
Bud Harrelson
Ken Harrelson
Billy Harris 
Chuck Harrison
Jim Ray Hart 
Chuck Hartenstein
Bill Heath
Rich Hebner 
Mike Hedlund 
Bob Heffner
Mike Hegan
Bobby Heise 
Woody Held
Tommy Helms
Ken Henderson
Bob Hendley
Elrod Hendricks
Bill Henry
Bill Hepler
Ron Herbel
Ray Herbert
Angel Hermoso 
Jackie Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez 
Jose Herrera
Ed Herrmann 
John Herrnstein
Mike Hershberger
Jack Hiatt
Jim Hickman
Jim Hicks
Dennis Higgins
Tom Hilgendorf
Chuck Hiller
John Hiller
Chuck Hinton
Larry Hisle
Billy Hoeft
Joe Hoerner 
Gary Holman 
Ken Holtzman
Gail Hopkins 
Joel Horlen
Willie Horton
Steve Hovley 
Bruce Howard
Elston Howard
Frank Howard
Dick Howser
Walt Hriniak
Dick Hughes
Bob Humphreys
Randy Hundley
Ron Hunt 
Jim Hunter 
Steve Huntz 

Al Jackson
Grant Jackson
Larry Jackson
Reggie Jackson 1970  * 1969  
Sonny Jackson
Jeff James
Pat Jarvis 
Larry Jaster
Julian Javier
Joey Jay
Ferguson Jenkins
Manny Jimenez
Tommy John 1967  1968
Alex Johnson
Bob Johnson
Dave Johnson
Deron Johnson
Frank Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Ken Johnson
Lou Johnson
Jay Johnstone 1967  1970
Clarence Jones
Cleon Jones 
Dalton Jones  
Mack Jones  
Rick Joseph
Duane Josephson

Jim Kaat
Al Kaline
Mike Kekich
Dick Kelley
Tom Kelley
Pat Kelly 
Bill Kelso
John Kennedy
Jerry Kenney
Dick Kenworthy
Joe Keough
Marty Keough
Don Kessinger 
Mike Kilkenny 
Harmon Killebrew 1967  1970
Hal King 
Jim King 
Clay Kirby 
Willie Kirkland 1963  1966
Ed Kirkpatrick
Fred Klages
Bobby Klaus
Lou Klimchock 
Ron Kline
Johnny Klippstein
Bobby Knoop 
Darold Knowles
Gary Kolb
Cal Koonce
Jerry Koosman
Howie Koplitz
Andy Kosco
Frank Kostro
Sandy Koufax
Jack Kralick
Ed Kranepool
Lew Krausse
Frank Kreutzer
Gary Kroll
Chris Krug
Ted Kubiak
Harvey Kuenn   and again!

Coco Laboy
Rene Lachemann 
Joe Lahoud 
Jack Lamabe
Bill Landis 
Jim Landis
Don Landrum
Hal Lanier
Tony LaRussa
Fred Lasher
Barry Latman
Charlie Lau
George Lauzerique 
Vern Law
Bill Lee 
Bob Lee
Jim Lefebvre
Don LeJohn
Denver Lemaster
Eddie Leon 
Dave Leonhard
Johnny Lewis
Paul Lindblad
Dick Lines
Phil Linz
Frank Linzy
Don Lock
Bobby Locke
Bob Locker
Skip Lockwood 
Mickey Lolich
Jim Lonborg 
Bruce Look
Hector Lopez
Marcelino Lopez
Mike Lum
Jerry Lumpe
Al Luplow
Sparky Lyle
Jerry Lynch

Art Mahaffey
Jim Maloney
Frank Malzone
Felix Mantilla
Mickey Mantle 1966  1968  1969 
Chuck Manuel
Juan Marichal
Roger Maris
Lou Marone 
Dave Marshall 
Mike Marshall
J.C. Martin 
Buck Martinez 
Jose Martinez 
Orlando Martinez 
Tony Martinez
Don Mason 
Tom Matchick 
Ed Mathews
Dal Maxvill
Carlos May
Dave May 
Jerry May
Lee May
Rudy May 
Lee Maye
Willie Mays 1966  1968
Bill Mazeroski
Jim McAndrew 
Dick McAuliffe
Al McBean 
Tim McCarver
Bill McCool
Mike McCormick
Willie McCovey
Tom McCraw
Lindy McDaniel 
Sam McDowell
Leon McFadden 
Orlando McFarlane
Dan McGinn 
Jim McGlothlin
Tug McGraw
Denny McLain
Don McMahon
Roy McMillan
Ken McMullen
Dave McNally
Jerry McNertney
Bill Melton
Denis Menke
Jim Merritt
Andy Messersmith
Bob Meyer
Gene Michael
Pete Mikkelsen 1967  1968
Felix Millan
Bob Miller
John Miller
Larry Miller
Norm Miller
Stu Miller
Don Mincher
George Mitterwald 
Joe Moeller
Bill Monbouquette
Rick Monday
Don Money
Aurelio Monteagudo
Barry Moore
Bob Moose 
Rich Morales 
Dave Morehead 
Joe Morgan 1966  1968  
Johnny Morris
Bubba Morton
Jerry Moses
Don Mossi
Manny Mota
Curt Motton 
Bobby Murcer
Danny Murphy 
Tom Murphy 
Ivan Murrell 

Mike Nagy
Dan Napoleon
Buster Narum
Jim Nash
Julio Navarro 
Gary Neibauer 
Dave Nelson 
Mel Nelson
Roger Nelson
Dick Nen
Graig Nettles 
Fred Newman
Dave Nicholson
Joe Niekro
Phil Niekro
Ron Nischwitz
Russ Nixon
Gary Nolan
Fred Norman
Jim Northrup 
Joe Nossek
Don Nottebart
Joe Nuxhall
Rich Nye
Gerry Nyman 

Syd O'Brien 
Billy O'Dell
Johnny Odom
John O'Donoghue
Tony Oliva
Al Oliver
Bob Oliver 
Gene Oliver
Nate Oliver
Chi Chi Olivo
Jim Ollom 
John Orsino
Phil Ortega
Dan Osinski
Claude Osteen
Amos Otis 
Jim O'Toole
Jim Owens
Ray Oyler 

Jose Pagan
Jim Pagliaroni
Jim Palmer
Lowell Palmer
Milt Pappas
Wes Parker
Camilo Pascual
Freddie Patek
Daryl Patterson 
Marty Pattin
Mike Paul 
Don Pavletich
Albie Pearson
Jose Pena 
Orlando Pena
Roberto Pena
Joe Pepitone
Tony Perez 1966  1967
Ron Perranoski
Gaylord Perry
Jim Perry
Gary Peters
Cap Peterson
Fritz Peterson
Rico Petrocelli
Bobby Pfeil 
Adolfo Phillips
Tom Phoebus
Tony Pierce
Jim Piersall
Lou Piniella 
Vada Pinson
Juan Pizarro
Johnny Podres 1966  1967  1969
Paul Popovich
Boog Powell
Vic Power
Jim Price
Bob Priddy 
John Purdin
Bob Purkey

Jim Qualls
Mel Queen
Frank Quilici 1968  * 1969

Dick Radatz
Doug Rader 
Al Raffo (custom card)
Pedro Ramos
Merritt Ranew
Jim Ray 
Claude Raymond
Frank Reberger 
Howie Reed 1966  1970   
Ron Reed 
Rich Reese
Phil Regan
Rick Reichardt 
Rick Renick 
Hal Reniff
Steve Renko
Roger Repoz
Merv Rettenmund 
Tommie Reynolds
Dennis Ribant 1967  1969   
Bobby Richardson
Gordon Richardson
Pete Richert
Dave Ricketts
Steve Ridzik
Juan Rios
Dave Roberts
Robin Roberts
Bob Robertson 
Jerry Robertson 
Rich Robertson 
Bill Robinson
Brooks Robinson 1966  1967
Floyd Robinson
Frank Robinson
Andre Rodgers
Bob Rodgers
Aurelio Rodriguez
Ellie Rodriguez
Garry Roggenburk
Cookie Rojas
Minnie Rojas
Jim Roland
Rich Rollins
Johnny Romano
Vicente Romo 
Phil Roof
Jim Rooker 
Pete Rose
John Roseboro
Gary Ross 
Vic Roznovsky
Joe Rudi
Ken Rudolph 
Chico Ruiz
Bill Russell 
Mike Ryan
Nolan Ryan

Ray Sadecki
Bob Sadowski 1965  1966
Chico Salmon
Jack Sanford
Manny Sanguillen
Jose Santiago
Ron Santo
Al Santorini 
Tom Satriano
Ted Savage
Bob Saverine
Paul Schaal
Jimmie Schaffer
Richie Scheinblum
Chuck Schilling
Dan Schneider 1968  1969
Dick Schofield 1966  1967
Don Schwall
George Scott
Tom Seaver
Diego Segui 1963  1968   
Dick Selma
Carroll Sembera
Art Shamsky 
Mike Shannon 
Bob Shaw
Don Shaw
Roland Sheldon
Jim Shellenback 
Larry Sherry 1967  1968
Bart Shirley
Tom Shopay 
Bill Short
Chris Short
Norm Siebern
Sonny Siebert
Dwight Siebler
Curt Simmons 1963  1967
Dick Simpson
Duke Sims 
Bill Singer
Tommie Sisk
Ted Sizemore
Bob Skinner
Bill Skowron
Charley Smith
George Smith
Reggie Smith
Willie Smith
Russ Snyder
Al Spangler
Joe Sparma
Jim Spencer 
Ed Spiezio
Ed Sprague 
Larry Stahl
Tracy Stallard
Al Stanek
Lee Stange
Mickey Stanley
Willie Stargell
Rusty Staub
Buzz Stephen
Jerry Stephenson 
John Stephenson 1966  1967
Jimmy Stewart
Dick Stigman
Wes Stock
George Stone 
Ron Stone
Bill Stoneman
Mel Stottlemyre
Ed Stroud
Dick Stuart
Ken Suarez
Bill Sudakis 
John Sullivan
Darrell Sutherland
Gary Sutherland
Don Sutton
Ron Swoboda

Fred Talbot
Jose Tartabull
Ken Tatum 
Carl Taylor 
Chuck Taylor
Hawk Taylor
Ron Taylor
Tony Taylor 1970  * 1969  
Frank Tepedino 
Ralph Terry
George Thomas 
Lee Thomas
Luis Tiant
Bob Tiefenauer
Bob Tillman
Tom Timmermann
Tom Tischinski 
Bob Tolan 
Jeff Torborg
Joe Torre 1966   1970
Hector Torres
Mike Torrez 
Cesar Tovar
Dick Tracewski
Tom Tresh
John Tsitouris

Bob Uecker
Ted Uhlaender
Del Unser 1969   1970
Cecil Upshaw

Sandy Valdespino
Fred Valentine
Hector Valle
Bob Veale
Joe Verbanic
Zoilo Versalles
Jose Vidal
Ozzie Virgil
Bruce Von Hoff
Bill Voss 

Gary Wagner
Leon Wagner
Bill Wakefield
Luke Walker 
Danny Walton 
Pete Ward
Jon Warden
Carl Warwick
Ray Washburn
Gary Waslewski
Dave Watkins
Bob Watson
Eddie Watt 
Floyd Weaver
Jim Weaver
Ramon Webster
Mike Wegener
Al Weis 
John Werhas
Don Wert
Steve Whitaker
Bill White
Roy White
Fred Whitfield
Dave Wickersham
Hoyt Wilhelm
Nick Willhite
Billy Williams
Stan Williams
Walt Williams
Ron Willis
Maury Wills 1967  1970
Billy Wilson
Don Wilson
Earl Wilson
Bobby Wine
Rick Wise
Dooley Womack
Jake Wood
Wilbur Wood
Hal Woodeshick
Ron Woods 
Dick Woodson 
Woody Woodward
Al Worthington
Clyde Wright
John Wyatt
Jim Wynn 
Billy Wynne 

Carl Yastrzemski
Don Young 

Chris Zachary
Dom Zanni
Jerry Zimmerman

Tony Horton (1B) 540 games
Bob Lillis (SS) 105
Jay Ritchie (P) 102
Bob Schroeder (2B) 97

Joe Adcock
Walter Alston
Sparky Anderson
Hank Bauer
Bobby Bragan
Dave Bristol
Alvin Dark
Chuck Dressen
Leo Durocher
Cal Ermer
Herman Franks
Preston Gomez
Joe Gordon 
Don Gutteridge 
Lum Harris
Grady Hatton
Don Heffner
Billy Herman
Billy Hitchcock
Gil Hodges
Ralph Houk
Eddie Kasko 
Johnny Keane
Bob Kennedy
Clyde King 
Jim Lemon
Al Lopez
Frank Lucchesi
Billy Martin
Gene Mauch
John McNamara 
Sam Mele
Charlie Metro 
Danny Murtaugh
Lefty Phillips
Bill Rigney
Red Schoendienst 
Joe Schultz
Larry Shepard 
Bob Skinner
Mayo Smith
Eddie Stanky
Birdie Tebbetts
Harry Walker
Earl Weaver
Wes Westrum
Dick Williams
Ted Williams

Tommie Aaron 
Marv Breeding
Pete Burnside
Chuck Essegian
Eli Grba
Dallas Green
Don Hoak
Ken Hubbs
Billy Klaus
Jim Lemon
Sherm Lollar
Ed Lopat (manager)
Charlie Maxwell
Minnie Minoso
Ray Moore
Bob Oldis
Bubba Phillips
Ed Rakow
Bob Schmidt
Roy Sievers
Al Smith
Billy Smith
Frank Torre
Jim Umbricht
Bill Virdon
Vic Wertz
Bob Will
Bud Zipfel
Buc Blasters
AL Pitching Leaders
Rookie Stars (Reds/Phillies)
3rd Series Checklist

Joey Amalfitano
Frank Baumann
Dick Bertell
Don Blasingame
Frank Bolling
Walt Bond
Steve Boros
Harry Bright
Leo Burke
Tom Butters
Duke Carmel
Dave DeBusschere
Jim Duffalo
Doc Edwards
Jerry Fosnow
Nellie Fox
Harvey Haddix
Tony Kubek
Frank Lary
Don Lee
Ron Locke
Ken McBride
Bob Meyer
Wally Moon
Billy Moran
Bill Pleis
Ed Rakow
Ken Retzer
Jay Ritchie
Ed Roebuck
Bob Sadowski
Barney Schultz
Wayne Schurr
Sterling Slaughter
Dick Smith
Warren Spahn
Bill Stafford
Herm Starrette
Gene Stephens
Gus Triandos
Bill Virdon
Mike White
Carl Willey
Ted Wills
Don Zimmer
Mel McGaha (Mgr)
Dick Sisler (Mgr)
Casey Stengel (Mgr)
Birdie Tebbetts (Mgr)
4 managers at their wits' end

1968 Tony Horton
1970 Al Raffo
1966 (various)
1967 (various)
1968 (various)
1969 (various)

Athletics * 1969
Giants 1966  1967
White Sox 
Muliple teams - 1966
Muliple teams - 1968

Athletics  1966
Braves     1967
Cardinals  1967   1968
Cubs       1967
Expos      1970
Orioles    1966   1968
Phillies   1967   1970
Pilots     1970
Red Sox 
Reds       1967
White Sox  1966   1967

MY TEAM REVIEWS (1967 unless otherwise noted): 
Expos (1969)
Phillies 1967  1968
Pilots (1969)
Red Sox
Royals (1969)
Tigers (1968)
White Sox

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Astros     1966                    1970
Braves     1966  1966  1967
Cardinals        1967
Cubs             1967  1968
Giants                 1968 
Mets             1967  1968 
Orioles    1966        1968
Phillies   1966        1968  1969  1970
Pirates    1966
Red Sox          1967
Reds       1966        1968  
Senators   1966
Tigers     1966  1967  1968 
White Sox  1966
Yankees    1966  1967
AL / NL    1966  1967  1968  1969

LEAGUE LEADERS (year issued):
1966 AL Batting 
1966 AL Pitching
1966 NL Batting
1966 NL Pitching
1967 AL Batting
1967 AL Pitching
1967 NL Batting
1967 NL Pitching
1968 AL Batting
1968 AL Pitching
1968 NL Batting
1968 NL Pitching
1969 AL Batting
1969 AL Pitching
1969 NL Batting
1969 NL Pitching
1970 AL Batting
1970 AL Pitching
1970 NL Batting
1970 NL Pitching

ALL-STAR CARDS (year issued):

WORLD SERIES CARDS (year issued): 


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1967 (including recently retired)
Skipped in 1968
No Giants Rookie Stars card in 1968
No Senators Rookie Stars card in 1969

Jim Umbricht ('64)
Walt Bond ('67)
Paul Edmondson ('70)
Chico Ruiz ('72)
Roberto Clemente ('72) 1967 1970 
Don Wilson ('75)
Bob Moose ('76)
Dan Frisella ('77)



Kansas City Royals
Montreal Expos
San Diego Padres
Seattle Pilots
Oakland Athletics
All 4 expansion teams - 1970 cards

1966 NL opening day starters 
1966 AL opening day starters 
1967 opening-day pitchers 
1967 opening-day NL position players 
1967 opening-day AL position players 
1967 opening-day 50th anniv. re-cap 
1968 NL opening day starters
1968 AL opening day starters 
1969 NL opening day starters
1969 AL opening day starters
1970 NL opening day starters
1970 AL opening day starters

2015 Post-Season - Astros vs. Yankees
2015 Post-Season - Cubs vs. Pirates
2015 Post-Season - Royals vs. Astros
2015 Post-Season - Dodgers vs. Mets
2015 Post-Season - Cardinals vs. Cubs
2015 Post-Season - Royals vs. Blue Jays
2015 Post-Season - Mets vs. Cubs

1966 Angels
1967 Angels outfielders
1968 Angels outfielders
1968 Athletics

1967 Dodgers at Spring Training  
1967 Athletics at Spring Training

Players with final cards in the 1967 high numbers  
Career over before 1967 card issued  
Career over before 1969 card issued 
Players traded twice in 1967  

1967 High Numbers: Rare or Scam?
1967 High Numbers Video
My favorite 1967 cards
My favorite 1968 cards
1968 cards per team
Miscut 1967 cards
Severely miscut 1968 card
Classic Bird Aces
The Astros' star returns in late-1969
Collecting the 1967 Phillies
Phillies' 1968 Expansion Draft Protected List
1966 - Two guys named Dick Ellsworth?
1969 - Two guys named Aurelio Rodriguez?

Players having multiple positions - 1966
Players having multiple positions - 1967
Players having multiple positions - 1968
Players having multiple positions - 1969
Players having multiple positions - 1970

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