Friday, January 17, 2014

Angels in the Outfield: Eight is Enough

Unlike today, back in the 1960s Topps made cards for about 24 to 26 players per team, plus 1 to 3 rookie stars cards per team. For the Angels, the breakdown by position is a little strange.

There were EIGHT outfielders with cards in the 1967 set. (The Angels also had eight outfielders in the 1968 set, and seven in the 1966 set.) Along with 8 outfielders, Topps featured FOUR Angels' catchers in the '67 set. This left room for only 4 infielders.

Here they are in order of 1967 games played in the outfield:
Rick Reichardt (138), Jimmie Hall (120), Jose Cardenal (101), Jay Johnstone (63), Bubba Morton (61), Len Gabrielson (1, then traded to the Dodgers in May), Ed Kirkpatrick (1), Jim Piersall (1, then retired in early May).

The Angels also acquired Roger Repoz from the Athletics, who played 63 games in the outfield.