Thursday, December 24, 2020

The 1967 Angels

The Angels finished in 5th place in 1967, with a record of 84-77. They also hosted the All-Star game that summer. 

They were loaded with aging veterans, with Jack Sanford, Curt Simmons, Lou Burdette, Jim Coates, Bill Skowron, Jim Piersall, and John Werhas all in their final seasons. 

The much-traveled George Brunet (9 teams in 15 seasons) headed up the Angels’ rotation, despite leading the AL with 19 losses. Jim McGlothlin posted a 12-8 record and was named to the All-Star team. Rule 5 draftee Rickey Clark posted a 12-11 record in his rookie season. It would be his best year. Jack Hamilton was acquired from the Mets on June 10th for Nick Willhite. 
Clyde Wright posted a 5-5 mark in his 2nd season, but would eventually be a 22-game winner in 1970. Jack Sanford was wrapping up his 12th and final season, and was traded to the Athletics in June for Roger Repoz. Nick Willhite was acquired from the Dodgers in the off-season. After posting an 0-2 record, he was flipped to the Mets for Jack Hamilton. Curt Simmons came over from the Cubs in early-August. 
These four were the primary relievers. Minnie Rojas was the team’s closer, and led the AL with 27 saves. He also won 12 games. In his first full season, Bill Kelso posted 11 saves. He was traded to the Reds after the season. Pete Cimino (3-3) was acquired from the Twins in the off-season for Dean Chance. Jim Coates was 1-2 in 52 innings in his final season. 
Other pitchers were Jim Weaver (13 games in August and September), Lou Burdette, Bobby Locke (9 games in a September call-up), and Marcelino Lopez (traded to the Orioles in mid-June for Woodie Held). Burdette pitched 18 innings over 19 games in the first half of the year, then was released one week before the end of the season. 
These were the regulars at each position. 
Bob Rodgers was the team’s starting catcher every season from 1962-68. Don Mincher was acquired from the Twins (with Cimino and Jimmie Hall) for Dean Chance, and clubbed 25 home runs. He was also one of the team’s 3 All-Stars. Bobby Knoop won his 2nd of 3 consecutive Gold Gloves. Jim Fregosi won a Gold Glove, and made the All-Star team. 
Paul Schaal started 74 of the first 90 games at 3rd base, then only played 19 games (1 start) the rest of the way. Rick Reichardt hit 17 homers as the regular left fielder. Jose Cardenal platooned in center field with Jay Johnstone (first half) and Roger Repoz (2nd half). Ex-Twin Jimmie Hall was the primary right fielder. 
These are the subs, in order of at-bats. 
Jay Johnstone alternated in center field with Cardenal during the first half of the season. Tom Satriano was the backup catcher, and shared 3rd base with rookie Aurelio Rodriguez in the second half. Bubba Morton was the team’s 5th outfielder. Roger Repoz was acquired from the Athletics for Jack Sanford in mid-June, and shared center field with Cardenal. 
Utility player Woodie Held was obtained in mid-June for Marcelino Lopez. Rookie Aurelio Rodriguez was the primary 3rd baseman from July 1967 through the 1969 season. Long-time Yankee Moose Skowron joined the Angels in May and was mostly used for pinch-hitting. John Werhas was acquired in mid-May for Len Gabrielson. 
Hawk Taylor was acquired from the Mets in July, and played 23 games as the 3rd-string catcher. He spent all of 1968 in the minors. Orlando McFarlane was the 3rd-string catcher in the first half, but did not play after Taylor arrived. Len Gabrielson was traded to the Dodgers for Werhas after 11 games. Ed Kirkpatrick spent most of the season in the minors, but did play 3 games for the Angels. 
Jim Piersall played in 5 games, then retired in May to accept a front-office job with the Angels. Fred Newman spent most of the year in the minors, but played 3 games for the Angels in mid-season. Tom Egan mostly played for the Angels' double-A El Paso team, and only 1 game for the Angels. Bill Rigney managed the Angels from 1961-69. 

Don Wallace played 23 games in the first half, mostly as a pinch-runner. Others who appeared briefly for the Angels were pitchers Ken Turner and Jorge Rubio, and pinch-hitters Moose Stubing and Jim Hibbs.
Transactions from the end of the 1966 season to the end of 1967:

11/28/66 - Drafted Rickey Clark from the Tigers in the rule 5 draft. 
11/28/66 - Drafted Jim Hibbs from the Dodgers in the rule 5 draft. 
11/28/66 - Drafted Don Wallace from the Yankees in rule 5 draft. 
11/28/66 - Lost Ramon Hernandez to the Braves in the rule 5 draft. 

12/02/66 - Traded Dean Chance and Jackie Hernandez to the Twins for Pete Cimino, Jimmie Hall and Don Mincher. 

12/07/66 - Traded pitcher Dick Egan to the Dodgers for pitcher Howie Reed

12/14/66 - Traded 1B Norm Siebern to the Giants for Len Gabrielson. 

12/15/66 - Traded pitcher Bob Lee to the Dodgers for Nick Willhite. 

02/13/67 - Released outfielder Al Spangler

02/16/67 - Purchased infielder Chuck Cottier from the Senators. 

04/10/67 - Purchased Orlando McFarlane from the Detroit Tigers. 

05/06/67 - Traded Cotton Nash to the White Sox for Bill Skowron. 

05/10/67 - Traded Len Gabrielson to the Dodgers for John Werhas. 

05/12/67 - Released Jim Piersall. 

06/08/67 - Released catcher Chris Krug

06/10/67 - Traded Nick Willhite to the Mets for Jack Hamilton. 

06/15/67 - Traded Marcelino Lopez to the Orioles for Woodie Held. 
06/15/67 - Traded Jack Sanford and Jackie Warner to the Athletics for Roger Repoz. 

07/24/67 - Traded a player to be named later (Don Wallace) to the Mets for Hawk Taylor. 

08/07/67 - Purchased Curt Simmons from the Cubs. 
08/07/67 - Traded shortstop Hector Torres to the Astros for Jim Weaver. 

09/23/67 - Released Lew Burdette. 

10/09/67 - Released Curt Simmons and Bill Skowron. 

10/17/67 - Sold John Werhas to the Senators. 

11/28/67 - Lost Elrod Hendricks to the Orioles in the rule 5 draft. 

11/29/67 - Traded Jose Cardenal to the Indians for outfielder Chuck Hinton
11/29/67 - Traded Bill Kelso and Jorge Rubio to the Reds for pitcher Sammy Ellis.