Saturday, May 25, 2013

Checklists 1 - 6

Here are the remaining checklists for the 1967 set. As in the '68 and '69 sets, the checklist features a small photo of whichever player happens to have the number 'x00' card on that particular checklist (with Mickey Mantle demoted to a 'x50' card). In the '67 set, these photos are floating heads.

Prior to 1974, the cards were released in 7 separate series, with each checklist (except the first) released in the previous series, as well as in the series it pertains to.

There are 2 different 3rd series checklists (with and without Willie Mays' neck), and 2 different 6th series checklists (with and without Juan Marichal missing an ear). One version of the Mays' checklist incorrectly lists card #214 as Dick Kelley, instead of Tom Kelley. (Dick's card is #138.)

These are my original cards from 1967, except for the series 1 card. In '67, I got my brother's hand-me-down card (or hand-me-up, since I'm a year older), which was creased and round-cornered. I replaced it in the 1980s.