Friday, October 23, 2009

Ken Harrelson (#188)

I started this blog 4 weeks ago, and have featured someone from every team but the Senators, so here we go:

Ken "Hawk" Harrelson was one of a handful of players to play for 3 teams in 1967. (The others were Jim King, Jim Landis, Jack Lamabe, and John Buzhardt. Technically, Sandy Alomar played for 4 teams in 1967, but 2 of them were during spring training only.)

Harrelson began the year with the Washington Senators, but in June was sold to the Kansas City Athletics (where he also played from 1963 to early 1966). In mid-August, the Athletics fired their manager, Alvin Dark. Dark's last game as manager was also the last game that Harrelson played for the A's. Less than a week later, he was released by the Athletics. (I seem to recall that this was due to owner Charlie Finley's dislike for Harrelson's flamboyant personality, and not because of his baseball skills.)

Three days later, the Red Sox signed him to replace Tony Conigliaro (who had been beaned 10 days earlier) in right field. Harrelson helped the Red Sox get to the World Series in 1967.

Good move Hawk
, going from Washington and Kansas City, to Boston!

Harrelson continued as the Red Sox' regular rightfielder in 1968. In 1969, Conigliaro returned to the team (in RF), so after 10 games with the Sox, Harrelson was traded to Cleveland. He was the Indians' regular rightfielder in 1969, but had limited playing time (mostly at 1B) in 1970 and 1971. His last game was in June 1971.

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