Friday, October 9, 2009

Classic Crew Cuts (part 3)

More Classic Crew Cuts (LA Dodgers edition):

First up is Dick Egan (#539), who has spent most of his 10 years so far in the minor leagues, with brief appearances for the Tigers and Angels.

Because of the absence of much recent major league service time, and the fact that this is a high-number card, I think Egan was a last-minute addition to the 1967 series by Topps, based on his early-1967 performance. After 1967, he was back in the minors for 2 more years, before retiring.

(After Tom Egan and Dick Egan on consecutive nights, we are now fresh out of Egans.)

Next is Dick Schofield (#381). It looks like you could make a chip shot off his crew cut. Dick's longest stint was with the Pirates in the early 1960s. (We see him still in his Pirates uniform here, even after 2 1/2 years.) Dick's son (Dick Schofield) played shortstop for the Angels, and the Phillies' rightfielder Jayson Werth is his grandson.

Here we have Bob Lee (#313). After 8 years in the minors, and 3 with the Angels, Bob is now coming across town to the Dodgers. He looks more like a cast member of The Bowery Boys than a ball player.

Elsewhere in Los Angeles in 1967, another crew cut was making appearances:

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These are great. I've got Egan down for his eyebrows:

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