Friday, October 9, 2009

Derrell Griffith - Why does he have a card?

First, let's just pause for a few moments to take in this hair style:

Derrell Griffith (#502) accumulated a whopping 15 major-league at-bats the previous season, having spent most of the year with the Dodgers' triple-A Spokane team. He hasn't had significant major-league action since 1964. Because this card was printed late in the 1967 series, it includes recent information like "traded to the Mets in November 1966", "dealt to the Astros in March 1967", and "sent down on March 24th".

A quick check of his career stats shows that his career was over in 1966. Topps should have put Card #502 to better use (like printing an Astros team card!)

Why does he have a card?

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