Saturday, May 1, 2010

Final Card: Don Dennis

Here is the final card for Don Dennis (#259). After two seasons with the Cardinals, Don was acquired for catcher Johnny Romano, but never played in the majors after 1966.

Dennis was signed by the Cardinals in 1962. After going 10-7 as a starting pitcher during his rookie season, he switched to relief, and pitched in the Cardinals' farm system until making his major-league debut in June 1965.

Don was a key member of the Cardinals' bullpen for a season and a half, appearing in 41 games in 1965 and 38 games in 1966.

After the 1966 season, he and minor-league outfielder Walt Williams were traded to the White Sox for veteran catcher Johnny Romano. Don never played in the majors again. He spent three seasons (1967-69) as a reliever with the White Sox' triple-A team (missing most of the 1968 season).

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Kraft1963 said...

It looks like he has stiches in his neck just above the letter "T" in White Sox. If you follow the line of stiches up and to the left, it looks like it continues beyond his shoulder into the background. It does not appear to be a defect in the card, as these stiches appear in every one of this card online that I have seen.