Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dennis Ribant (#527)

Dennis Ribant only played for 6 seasons, but managed to squeeze 6 teams on his resume in that short time.

He was originally signed by the Milwaukee Braves in 1961. In August 1964, the Braves traded Ribant to the Mets for pitcher Frank Lary. (The Mets got Lary back the following March.) Dennis played a dozen or so games for the Mets in each of 1964 and 1965.

Ribant's first full season in the majors was 1966, and he compiled a record of 11-9. This was the first time a Mets' pitcher ever finished with a winning record! As a reward (actually, it was a reward to leave the Mets in those days) he was traded to the Pirates after the season for pitcher Don Cardwell.

(I just noticed that his won-loss records at Denver in '63 and '64 on the back of his card don't match those found on Baseball-Reference.com.)

Ribant's only season in Pittsburgh was 1967, as he was traded to the Tigers after the season for pitcher Dave Wickersham.

This began a hectic final 2 seasons for Ribant. In 1968 he pitched for both the Tigers and the White Sox. After the season, the Tigers purchased his contract back from the White Sox, but two months later they sold him to the Royals. During spring training 1969, the Royals sold him to the Cardinals. In the span of 16 months, he was with 6 teams!

In 1969, he played for the Cardinals and the Reds. This was his last season in the majors.

In February 1970, the Reds sold him back to the Pirates, but he remained in the minors for 1970-1973, playing in the Pirates, Padres, and Phillies organizations.

Also check out Ribant's 1969 card.


tinctureofhorsehide said...

Ken MacKenzie went 5-4 for the hapless '62 Metropolitians.

T-Bird said...

Part of the reason I read Jim's blogs (I've read several of them now) is that it gives me a chance to explore players I have never heard of. Their lives are often fascinating. Ken MacKenzie's is one of those. The link to SABR, below, lets him speak in his own words, and it is a great story. However, I wanted to build on Tincture's comment about that 5-4 record. The Baseball reference discloses that MacKenzie had one start, 16 finishes and one save in 1962, when he was the first Met with a winning record. MacKenzie lost that start, giving up 3 runs in two innings in a 10-0 shellacking at the hands of the Cardinals on August 18, 1962. So, he compiled the rest of that winning record - 5-3 - in relief! I am not saying that MacKenzie wasn't good, but it sure looks like ke was lucky, and sometimes lucky beats good.

T-Bird said...

oops. SABR link is here.