Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adventures in Airbrushing

I was leafing through my 1967 card album, and contrary to my previous assumptions, there are almost no airbrushed cards in the 1967 set. (I guess Topps didn't hire a fleet of airbrushers until 1968, when the Athletics moved to Oakland, and the "Astros" name became taboo!)
Only 4 cards from the 1967 set have been airbrushed. All other traded players have the "no-hat" look (or in some cases, the "chin-so-far-up-that-you-can't-see-the-front-of-the-hat" look).

Leo Durocher (#481)
Here, Leo the Lip is no doubt sporting his old Dodgers cap. It's a close enough match to the Cubs that we're not supposed to notice the difference. (And why spoil it with a hand-drawn "C"!)

Mayo Smith (#321)
On this card, we are expected to believe that this is the closest that Topps could come to simulating a BLACK Detroit Tigers cap! To me, this cap always looked like it was glowing, with a translucent green bill.

Tom Egan (#147)
Here we see backup catcher Tom Egan in his Los Angeles Angels uniform. After going 0-for-11 in 1966, I guess old Tom (and Topps) thought he was in line to handle the 3rd-string catching duties (behind starter Bob Rodgers and INF-C Tom Satriano). Not so fast! The Angels purchased catcher Orlando McFarlane from the Tigers the day before the season started. McFarlane only played 6 games before he was replaced by Hawk Taylor. Meanwhile, Tom Egan played a grand total of 1 major-league game in 1967.

(The 4th airbrushed card was the Dodgers Rookies, with SS Gene Michael wearing a Pirates uniform.)

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Joel said...

The Egan card is interesting in that there are two versions - one with a small black scratched out patch and one with a bigger black wiped out patch. The card with the larger patch is harder to find, and probably the result of someone thinking the original job done on the hat looked a bit shoddy.