Friday, March 26, 2010

Final Card: Billy Hitchcock

This is the last card for Billy Hitchcock (#199). Billy was an infielder for several American League teams in the 1940s. After managing in the minors and coaching in the big leagues, Billy managed the Orioles for 2 full seasons (1962 and 1963).

His 2nd (and final) stint as a major-league manager came midway through the 1966 season, when he took over the Braves.

Hitchcock almost made it to the end of the 1967 season, but was fired with 3 games remaining.

(I never understand why teams do that. Why not let a guy finish out the string? There's no way the interim guy can do anything in the last 3 games, with the team in 7th place!)

After scouting for the Expos for a few seasons, Billy was the president of the Southern League from 1971-80.

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