Sunday, August 13, 2017

Larry Sherry (#571)

I have already posted about Larry Sherry on my 1968 blog (so I won’t repeat myself here), but the cap-less photos in that set (especially the Astros and the Athletics) are hideous, so I felt I owed it to Larry and his fans to come up with something better.

Although he was a long-time reliever for the Dodgers, I don’t have any of his Dodgers’ cards, but here is a nice high-numbered card from 1967 showing him with the Tigers.

Sherry worked out of the Dodgers’ bullpen from 1958-63 (including having his brother Norm as a battery-mate from 1959-62), then played for the Tigers from 1964 to June 1967. He finished the ’67 season with the Astros, then played for the Angels in 1968.

(I will be re-posting some other players that had their "awesome" 1968 cap-less cards already posted, notably Turk Farrell and John Buzhardt.)

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