Friday, September 25, 2009

Who’s NOT in the 1967 set

Before posting some cards from the 1967 set, let's see who wasn't in the set (i.e., my scanner is broken today!)

The 1966 Topps baseball set was the last time a regular card was produced for more than two dozen long-time players. Besides the obviously notable Sandy Koufax, others who were left out of the 1967 set (due to retirement or permanent loss of major-league status) include:

Robin Roberts, Bobby Richardson, Roy McMillan, Tracy Stallard,
Bob Friend, Jim Gentile, Frank Malzone, Gene Freese,
Vic Power, Ray Herbert, Bob Skinner, Dick Stuart,
Wes Covington, Lenny Green, Roger Craig, Del Crandall,
Albie Pearson, Jerry Lynch, Johnny Blanchard, Joey Jay,
Harvey Kuenn, Joe Cunningham, Marty Keough, Ernie Broglio,
Don Mossi, Ed Bailey, Dick Bertell, Hector Lopez.

Other players had cards prior to, and after, but not in 1967 (due to little playing time in 1966, I suspect):

John Tsitouris, Bob Tiefenauer, Stan Williams, Al Spangler,
Diego Segui, Ron Brand, Lou Klimchock, Chris Cannizarro,
Nate Oliver, Mel Nelson, Buster Narum, Frank Quilici,
Merritt Ranew, Jerry McNertney, Bobby Klaus, Roland Sheldon,
Jerry Stephenson, Larry Bearnarth, Gary Kolb, Jimmie Schaffer,
Bobby Locke, Hawk Taylor, Jim Roland, Tommie Aaron,
Frank Kostro, Roberto Pena, Darrell Sutherland, Frank Bertaina,
Julio Gotay, Chuck Cottier, Tony LaRussa, John Boozer,
Sandy Valdespino, Roy White, Dave Duncan, Dick Calmus.

Some of these guys bounced back in 1967 (and appeared on 1968 cards). Others had to wait until expansion.

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