Monday, September 28, 2009

Tigers Rookies - (15 minutes for George Korince)

In the first series, Topps issued a Detroit Tigers rookies card #72. This appears to include pitcher George Korince and infielder John “Tom” Matchick. However, this card has another player incorrectly pictured as George Korince.

For the second Tigers rookie card (#526), Topps chose to correct this error by using one half of the card to correctly picture George Korince, with an explanation on the back.

I’ve had 3 questions about this decision to "waste" a slot on this correction:

1. Was the Tigers farm system so bereft of prospects that they had nobody else to feature on this 2nd card?

2. Was George Korince such a top-notch prospect that it was imperative to set the record straight on him? The back of card #72 says that he’s "a can’t miss prospect", but a quick check of his career stats shows that this was a bit overstated. The previous year (1966) he had 3 IP, 2 K, and 1 HBP. In 1967, his stats include 9 G, 14 IP, 11 K, 11 BB, and a 5.14 ERA!

3. Why did Topps make sure to correct this error, but in the previous year, they didn’t bother to correct the Dick Ellsworth card, which actually showed a photo of the late Ken Hubbs – Ellsworth’s teammate who died TWO YEARS EARLIER!

Guess who's on the 1968 Tigers Rookie Stars card?


Unknown said...

As Korince was Canadian, Topps was probably pressured by the Oh-Pee-Chee guys.

Mark Hoyle said...

Anybody know who the other player is on the first card

Jim from Downingtown said...


I read somewhere years ago that his first name is James. I'll have to look up the Tigers' roster then and see if anything rings a bell.

Jim from Downingtown said...

His name is James Brown. He never made it to the majors.