Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Final Card: Gil Blanco

This is the final card for Gil Blanco (#303). His only other baseball card was a Yankees Rookie Stars card in 1965.

Gil was signed by the Yankees in 1964, and started 23 games for class-A Fort Lauderdale, compiling a 12-7 record. In 1965, Blanco spent the entire season with the Yankees, but only appeared in 17 games (fewer than 9 other Yankee pitchers).

After his unimpressive performance in 1965, Gil was back in the minors to start the 1966 season. In June he was traded to the Kansas City Athletics (along with pitcher Bil Stafford and outfielder Roger Repoz) for pitcher Fred Talbot and catcher Bill Bryan. Blanco appeared in 11 games (8 starts) for the remainder of the 1966 season, with his September 22nd appearance being his last major-league game.

Blanco continued to pitch in the minor leagues from 1967 to 1971, mostly in the Athletics' system.


Cliff said...

Hey Jim:

Is it just me, or is Gil looking a little un-athletic in this shot? I've got him and some other mama's boys right here:


- Cliff

Jim from Downingtown said...

Hi Cliff,

You're welcome to use images from my blogs, but please include a "courtesy of" note when doing so.

(A google image search shows that the only Blanco card with vertical black lines on his neck, and blue spots in his hair above the ear is from my site.)